The mouse will start dying in 2011

Bill Gates has announced that the upcoming operational system Windows 7 will change the way people operate the computer. The mouse will be replaced with touch screens. The new OS is due to be released in 2010, which (read my lips) means close to the end of 2011.

Computer mouse literally made a revolution in the eighties . It has evolved from a mechanical mouse to a sophisticated laser device that gives people carpal tunnel syndrome a lot sooner that the older models. Several years ago, my wrist started to hurt, and someone has given me an advice – switch hands. I started operating the mouse with my left hand and it helped. But eventually,I abandoned the mouse – the touch pad on my laptop does not give me any wrist pain.

I ‘m trying to visualize an IT floor of 2012 in a large corporation. Open space, no cubical dividers, everyone has two flat 21-inch monitors, and makes woo doo passes with their arms. You can ‘t reach the top left corner of your left monitor with the right arm, so most of the day people keep both arms in the air. While the left arm is having fun with a word processor, the right one is harassing Internet Explorer. The carpal tunnel is replaced with the Schwarzenegger effect. There is no need to lift weights in these expensive gyms.

And the next step in this evolution is obvious – we need to engage legs too. Each foot is standing on a special configurable pad or wears a special sock with five finger pockets. For example, the middle finger of the left foot initiates spell check in MS Word. Some design ideas can be borrowed from this geekiest toilet .

I ‘m sure Microsoft can invest into hiring several famous drummers and do a research to finding optimal leg movements that would help women in getting rid of the the cellulite in their legs, which will definitely revive the interest in our dying profession.


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