Louis Vuitton to the masses!

This morning, while boarding the train A in Manhattan I noticed a nicely dressed girl. We “ve entered the same car, she took a seat and put her Louis Vuitton bag on her laps. If you “ve been to New York, you “d probably agree that it ‘s very unlikely to see a lady with a several thousand dollar bag during the rush hour in New York subway. They ride cabs. Some of them have never been underground. So I had a suspicion that this bag was a knock off. But the girl was dressed nice, and the bag had a special shiny plate on it confirming that this is LV. The pictures below are real, but they also have poor quality – I “ve taken these shots with my cell phone camera while the train was moving.

Then, I noticed that the poorly dressed girl that was sitting next to her had exactly the same bag.

Both bags were made somewhere in China Town. But this was not the end of it. The third woman that was sitting next to these girls had a shopping bag from one of the LV stores. It became entertaining. I decided to see if I could spot yet another lucky owner of a bag produced by this famous brand. It took me a second. I just looked back, and sure enough, there was another girl with LV.

Now it “s your turn ndash; see if there are people carrying LV around you. If you know this person, ask her to show you the bag ‘s ID (the real LV products come with passports).

One more thought. In the new movie Sex and the City one girl explained that there is bag rental service in Manhattan, and those bags are real. Do you think this is the case?


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