Our Clear Toolkit goes private Beta in September

Clear Toolkit 3.0 is a set of components, code generators, and plugins created by software engineers of Farata Systems that we were using internally in multiple Flex enterprise projects. In September of 2008, we “ll release its private beta. This toolkit will be available free of charge.

Clear Toolkit is not an architectural framework. It consists of a set of components that extend Flex frameworks and tools built on top of these components that substantially increase productivity of the enterprise Flex developers. Each of these components can be used independently when needed. Here “s what “s included in Clear Toolkit:

Components library is an swc file that includes a number of enhanced Flex components like Datagrid, ComboBox et al.

Clear Data Builder 3.0 is an Eclipse plugin that allows to generate CRUD applications for BlazeDS or LCDS based on an SQL statement or a Java data value object.

DTO2Fx is a utility that automatically generates proper ActionScript classes based on their Java peers.

Log4Fx is an advanced logger (Eclipse plugin) that is built on top of Flex logging API but automates and make the logging process more flexible and user friendly.

Fx2Ant is a generator of optimized ANT build scripts for your Flex Builder projects.

ClearBI 3.0 is a Web reporter for smaller businesses. It includes an AIR-based report designer and flexible report generator that can be used by IT personnel as well as end users.

The beta version of Clear Toolkit will be demonstrated next week at the Enterprise Flex Symposium in New York City. If you are interested in participating as a tester in private Beta program, please drop me a line at yfain at faratasystems.com


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