I support Israel 2

A blogger and a software developer from United Kingdom posted the following:

“Having just received some photos from a source I will not name, it is truly horrific to actually see what is going on there, I mean this is the sort of stuff that European amp; American TV Censors and is not allowed to show you.

To see children being killed and people being decapitated in this manner is truly horrific, why on earth is the US government handing over somewhere in the region of 3 Billion US dollars a year to Israel is beyond me.

I could go on and on but these images I have speak a thousand words but I am not sure if I should post them on my Blog or not, I “d appreciate some opinions before I make a decision. ”

Here ‘s my answer to his post:

You can certainly post any photos. But before you do this, I “d love you to comment this scenario.

Every day you put your kids to bed or send them to school hellip; and your town gets 50-100 bombs from a neighbor country. No, they don “t attack solders of your country, they don “t ask for anything specific, they just want your country cease to exist. Again, don “t think of some remote land with unknown people, think about the town YOU live in and about YOUR kids. What would you do in this case?

From day one, Israel states that it ‘ll stop the offensive as soon as Hamas will stop firing rockets at Israeli cities. Hamas does not give a fuck about these requests. They don ‘t give a fuck about their own people. Blinded by religious hatred and encouraged by Iran, they want to remove the state of Israel from the world map. As simple as that.

It ‘s a real tragedy that peaceful citizen of Gaza die, but there is one reason for this – Hamas. Here ‘s a good example of how they encourage further rocket attacks on Israel. They don ‘t give a shit about their own killed children – they need them for PR. Watch these Youtube videos by Israeli army: http://www.youtube.com/user/idfnadesk

A couple of years ago I published a blog supporting Israel during their war with Hezbollah, it ‘s time to speak up again.

Update. Wall Street Journal published this photo in an article about how Israeli spectators gather on a hill and watch bombing of Gaza. This is really disgusting seeing how Orthodox Jews enjoy “the show ” knowing that they won ‘t serve in the army and risk their lives.

Unfortunately, it seems that Israel is losing this war too – every day at least a couple of dozen of rockets are being fired from Gaza regardless of all the damage cased by their air and ground forces. Most likely, after another couple of weeks of these military actions, Israel will be forced by the international pressure to stop, and Hamas will declare their victory over Zion aggressors. And the rockets will keep falling on Ashqelon, Beer Sheva, Sderot, and Ashdod…

Yakov Fain, US citizen

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/yfain


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