Having problems with English

A twitter with a nickname gnat posted an interesting statement, which I didn ‘t understand. I don ‘t recall when was the last time I could not understand English. Here ‘s what he posted:

Normally MacWorld is like fish spawning: single synchronised gush of geek spoo into the Internet. This year more of a sad wank.

I didn ‘t get it and ask a couple of native speakers to explain what this means. I got two different interpretations:

1. the sentence is saying that usually mac world is a flood of people blogging on the internet about the events taking place at mac world but this year it was rather sad because of how little people blogged baout it.

2. clearly this guy isn ‘t american…he seems british or australian…cause spawning is breeding…..but no one in this country uses that word. and a wanker is a “jerk-off ” and wank is to masturbate…which is also English….so if i had to take a guess, “normally MacWorld is like fish screwing…synchronised ejaculation into the internet….this year is more of a sad jerking off session.

How would you translate this phrase into American English?



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