Upcoming presentations: Flex design patterns – a deep dive

I ‘ll be delivering an advanced preso on use of some design patterns in Flex at the meetings of New Jersey Flex User Group (Jan 28), New York Flex UG (Feb 19), and Chicago Flex UG on March 18. Please stop by if you ‘re in the area.

Here ‘s a short description of the talk:

Design patterns suggest approach to common problems that arise during software development regardless of what programming language. But implementation of these patterns is specific to the language. The main goal of this presentation is to highlight selected patterns as they may be implemented taking advantages of Flex framework. You ‘ll see a not so obvious implementation of a Singleton, how a Proxy can dramatically change the behavior of an object, why a Mediator is a must-have in each Flex application. Do you know how to write Data Transfer Objects that are so important in Flex remoting? If time permits, we ‘ll review the Class Factory pattern too.

This talk is based on some materials from the upcoming O ‘Reilly book “Enterprise Development with Flex “.

Will be glad to see you at one of these meetings,

Yakov Fain



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