Enterprise Development with Flex – first rough cuts

The rough cuts version of the first chapter of the book written by Farata principals is available on Safari books online. The working title of the book is Enterprise Development with Flex, and the printed copy of the book should be available in May-June of 2009.

Here ‘s a brief description of the book we ‘ve got from O ‘Reilly:

This groundbreaking book shows Flex developers exactly what “s required to build production-quality Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for the enterprise. Part of the popular Adobe Developer Library co-published by O “Reilly and Adobe, Enterprise Development with Flex goes well beyond Flex tutorials and product documentation to suggest best practices, compare frameworks and tools, and offer efficient techniques for developing enterprise RIAs. The authors provide lots of practical examples and rely on their own considerable experience with enterprise Flex applications to help you overcome challenges during your project “s lifecycle.

With this unique advanced-level Flex book, you will:

bull; Choose among several frameworks to build Flex applications, including Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, and Clear Toolkit

bull; Learn specifics of applying selected design patterns for creating user interfaces with Flex

bull; Learn how to extend Flex framework and build your own component library

bull; Simplify data entry and browsing applicationsMinimize the need of manual programming with Business Style Sheets (BSS)

bull; Discover how to use some internals of Adobe “s LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS)

bull; Integrate functions from Adobe “s LiveCycle ES SOA platform with your existing Flex-based applications

bull; Construct Flex libraries that you can reuse across portals and other applications

bull; Develop a sample AIR application that supports sales force and can work in occasionally connected mode automatically synchronizing local and remote databases

bull; Learn how to modularize large applications

bull; Get familiar with solutions that allow leveraging AMF protocol and synchronizing Flex client data modifications with the with BlazeDS-based servers

bull; Determine the actual performance of your application, and get suggestions for writing efficient code in MXML and ActionScript

bull; Enhance Flex components to support PDF generation on the client

Enterprise Development with Flex also offers solutions for reporting, suggestions for equipping your Flex team with proper tools and methodologiessetting up a version control repository, guidelines for determining the skill sets required for the project, and much more. Although this book is in progress, you can still get going with these advanced solutions through our Rough Cuts edition, which lets you read the manuscript as it evolves, either online or via PDF.


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