Skiing in Alps. Arrival to Geneva.

Every year our friend and travel agent and a prominent green-slope skier Dora takes a group of people for a skiing in French Alps. Usually we select one of the winter European Club Med resorts to enjoy good food, wine, view, and, of course skiing. This time our group includes more than 60 people, which made Dora the #1 among all travel agents who sell Club Med.

Our group includes people from 5 to 75 years old. Several people came here because they like skiing. Some people are not even planning to get on the slopes, and will spend the day time shopping and walking around spending evening consuming free food and drinks at the resort.

This is my sixth such trip, I “m not a ski champion, and will never become one. I “m taking it easy ndash; enjoying fresh air, bright snow, and relaxed positive people. Love good food. This is one of my main reasons for coming skiing to France vs. going to home resorts in Colorado and Utah. The skiing is good there too, but I can “t spend a week eating burned hamburgers and drinking muddy brown liquid that is being sold as coffee.

Swiss Air provided great service on the flight between New York and Geneva. What are the characteristics of a good flight experience?

1. Good crew ndash; young flight attendants and good pilots that can perform a smooth landing in general and water landing on Hudson river, if need be. Girls were young, and luckily, we did not have a chance to try the water landing.

2. The food. It was unusually good too. Even though I brought some salmon sandwiches from home, I also enjoyed pasta with broccoli offered on board. Food, wine and beer were free too.

3. Entertainment. There was a good selection of movies during the flight. I was surprised to find Arabic Songs among music channel selection though. In addition to movies and music, I had my laptop with me. I made this photo on the plane ndash; isn “t it amazing that all three passengers (myself included) were carrying MacBook laptops? Steve Jobs really made a difference! I wish him to get well soon. BTW, the picture was taken by iPhone, which is yet another Apple ‘s product.

We “ve spent the day walking and window shopping in Geneva ndash; prices are way too high here comparing to what we have in the USA. All of a sudden, we ran into a protest march of at least a thousand Arab people shouting that Israel is terrorist and assassin that kills Palestinian infants. They were carrying imitations of babies in white sheets covered with blood. No one blamed Hamas as the main reason of the deaths of innocent Palestinian kids ndash; they set the rockets in the schoolyards and hospitals and are happy when Israelis bomb these sites causing casualties among kids. Hamas was always hiding behind women and children.

They were screaming, “Stop Israel rdquo;, as if they didn “t know that this would happen immediately after Hamas will stop bombing Israeli cities. Brainwashed people…Man, I came here for a vacation, but you can “t get away from politics these days!

Fondue in the evening put us in a good mood for a couple of hours, but then I had to fight with the hotel clerk ndash; I paid for Wi-Fi connection from the room, used it, then my son used it from his computer, and then again, I wanted to go online again from mine ndash; it gave me a message stating that we can have only one connection at a time. Shutting down my son “s machine didn “t help, the clerk could not offer anything better than asking me to purchase another connection and resolve this situation with the owner of the hotel tomorrow morning, which I did. Let “s see if the owner will understand that this is a glitch with their software that wouldn “t allow cleanly close the connection and logout from their network.

The buses that will take us to the resort are coming tomorrow morning. Good night, Geneva!


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