Princeton JUG is looking for a new home

Unfortunately, our host can ‘t sponsor our meetings any longer, and I ‘d like to thank them for giving us a place to meet for several years.

If your firm has a large conference room and is willing to purchase pizza and soft drinks about 8 times a year, please let me know.

If you need to talk to your boss about this opportunity, below are some benefits that might help in your “sales pitch “.

What your firm gets:

1. Access to some best and motivated local Java developers.

2. The right to do a five minutes advertisement of any kind in the beginning of the meeting.

3. The right to post your job requirements to the mailing list of Princeton JUG that includes 250 local Java developers.

4. Well known and well researched speakers, often published authors will drive/fly to YOUR FIRM for free to speak to an audience who ‘s eager to learn something new. Employees of your firm are always welcomed to attend these presentation.

What your firm won ‘t get:

They won ‘t get to tell me what are the appropriate technologies that can be presented at a Java User ‘s Group.


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