Russia hates Apple. Big time.

I never liked online forums where comments to the original posts could be rated (+ or – 1) by other readers. But today, I changed my mind. These negative ratings can tell you a lot. There is a Web site popular among software developers in Russia. Today, someone posted an information about newly released hardware by Apple. You ‘d say, “No biggies. Apple has a steady and growing group of followers and often releases well designed hardware “.

But take a look at the ratings to the people ‘s comments discussing this news Look at the massive negative ratings in comments to the post on new devices (this is just a tiny fragment of all negated comments):

One guy in the middle (-14) is asking, “What are we getting all these minuses for? Is this an anti-Apple campaign? ”

The last post (14) in the fragment above reads, “I see that they are negating here, but I ‘m not afraid! The adequate people will come and will bring my comment to the positive territory, which will start the liberation of this topic from the evil forces! Apples will overcome! ”

This picture worth a thousand words. How much hatred is there in that country? Unfuckingbelievable! And this time you can ‘t even blame the rulers of this country. Regular “IT-literate ” citizens speak up by voting negative…

Reagan was right – it was an empire of evil 25 years ago and it remains the same.


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