Two weeks, two flights, two conferences

The first two weeks of March I “ll be vacationing in training rooms ndash; teaching and learning Flex. I used the word vacationing because I love this part of my work the most.

March 1-2: Advanced Master Class on Flex in Brussels, Belgium. This public 2-day training becomes more and more popular. During the last 8 months we “ve taught this class in New York, Boston, Toronto, London, and Moscow. To the best of my knowledge, no one else offers such an advanced curriculum as public training. On the night of March 2 I ‘ll be co-speaking at the Belgium Flex Users Group.

Here “s something you may not know. Viktor Yanukovich, the newly elected President of the Ukraine will visit Belgium on March 1. The real reason is not to meet political leaders of Belgium and European Union, but to attend our class to become more flexible and invite Farata Systems to teach the same class in Ukraine in June of 2010. We “ll definitely consider this.

March 7-10: On arrival from Belgium, I “ll just have time to laundry my Farata t-shirts and have a couple of dinners with my family, and then board the next flight to San Jose, CA. Yep, it “s time for 360Flex conference, which as of today is my favorite Flex gathering. This is a No BS event. For independent developers by independent developers. 40 sessions, 2 panels, 4 Sunday Hands-On sessions. Networking. Beer. Good energy. Solid technical content.I even recorded a 40-sec video to share with you my excitement!

I “ll deliver an interesting and useful for enterprise Flex developers talk titled “Boring presentation on Flex libraries and modules “. The rest of the time I “ll spend in the meeting rooms listening to what other developers are up to.

In the evening, I “ll be glad to join you for a Johny Walker. Be there. Join several hundreds of Flex developers who are in the know!


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