A Staples store with the Soviet Union type service

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A 20-year old girl took my flash drive and opened the PowerPoint to be printed. She was hesitant to take this order and asked a more experience worker to help. This lady looked at the slides with our company logo on them and here “s our dialog:

– Do you have a business card to proof you work for this company and are not trying to make illegal copies?

– I don “t have it on me, but two months ago I placed exactly the same printing order right here.

– Well, apparently I made a mistake back then. You must show me the business card.

– It “s raining outside. Can I pay for the order now and bring you the business card when I return to pick it up?

– No you can “t. I need to see your business card first.

– Please go to our company Web site and you “ll see my name there

– We don “t have Internet access here

– I have Internet access in my iPhone and can show it to you?

– We need a printed proof that you work for this company

To be honest with you, I was just bluffing about the iPhone. Our company “s Web site is done in Flash and iPhone won “t support it for another six months or so.

I went outside. It seems I can think faster in the rain. Eureka! I got a business credit card in my wallet, which has my name and the name of our company that matches the logo in the PowerPoint. Back to the store.

– Can you please use my credit card as a proof that I work for this company? Just make a copy of it, and tomorrow I “ll bring you the business card.

– We are not allowed to make copies of credit cards.

– OK, don “t make a copy. I “ll be paying with it anyway and you “ll have a copy of the pay slip.

– We are not allowed to do this. I need your business card.

I went back to the car, drove back home and returned to Staples with my business card. This time the young girl was alone. Without saying a word, I put the business card and the flash drive on the counter. She pick up the phone and made the store announcement, “Vicky, please come to the printing department. rdquo; Apparently, that supervisor “s name was Vicky.

-Why do you need Vicky now? She might not like the design of my business card or something?

– I didn “t say this.

Luckily, Vicky was busy somewhere and she called back and allowed the girl to proceed with my order. The girl made a copy of my driver “s license and a business card and the rest was just a simple routine.

I went home thinking to myself that the last time I had this kind of service was many many years ago when I lived in the Soviet Union. Technically, these Staples workers did everything by the book, but they “ve just lost the customer by not willing to bend a bit. This is not an American way of doing business. Not at all.

Update. Next day, I went to pick up my order. There was a different shift in the Copy/Print department – nice and friendly people. While returning my printed manuals they ‘ve suggested how I could save money and applied the discount right away. It seemed that the Soviet Staples Union has collapsed overnight (once again). I was back in the USA! That ‘s the way to go! I ‘ll continue going to Staples. But I ‘ll be smarter now and will try to avoid that Soviet crew.


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