One day Master Class on Flex Modularization comes to New York City

Last week, I ‘ve presented on Flex modules and libraries at 360flex in San Jose, CA. This talk brought lots of developers to the room. After this 80-minute presentation I ‘ve been answering questions for another 25 minutes.

Such an unexpected interest to this non-flashy and very technical topic is a good indication that lots of enterprise grade Flex applications are being developed in the real world.

Three days in a row the 360Flex attendees were stopping by just to say “Thank you ” for explaining how to approach slicing a Flex application into pieces.

Inspired with such a warm welcome, I ‘ve created a curriculum for a one day hands-on master class where this topic can be covered from the practitioner ‘s point of view and in greater details. I know for sure that most of the people who have developed at least one production grade Flex application had to go through the pain of modularizing the application when it was almost ready for production. The goal of this workshop is to help you in designing your application properly in the early stages of the project rather than deciding what to do with this 3MB monster a month before going in production.

This event is scheduled on May 17 in New York City. It ‘ll take place right after the conference Flash and the City, so consider staying in this great city for yet another day. You won ‘t regret it.

The ROI of attending this workshop can be pretty substantial. This is a small scale bring-your-own-laptop event and the number of seats is limited – consider registering early at the following Web page:


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