To build or not to build the mosque by Ground Zero?

If the President Obama believes that he must comment on a construction of a each building, I “ll be happy to share my opinion on the subject too. To put it short, I believe that the whole discussion is plain stupid and if someone received permits from a township on a construction of a building at a particular location this is all that matters. Let “s them build the mosque there.

Let “s apply some simple logic. Imagine, that the mosque construction will be banned. What would be the next logical step? Do not allow any Muslim come closer to Ground Zero than, say, a quarter of a mile. All businesses that are currently owned by Muslims and located in the vicinity of the Rector street must by closed. Police posts have to be established on the corner of the Canal and Broadway to check the ID of every taxi driver driving toward Staten Island Ferry. Muslims should be detoured through Holland Tunnel,than to NJ Turnpike, and back to New York through Goethals and Verrazano bridges, and Battery Tunnel. You wanted to get to the Ferry? You got it!

But how a regular police officer can tell that the driver is Muslim (not all of them are wearing turbans)? We can introduce a new short line in the Driver “s License: Muslim(Y/N)?

When all Muslims are taken care off, business owners from New York City should be allowed to put a sign “For Whites only rdquo;. When all this is done, appropriate restrictions should be imposed on Jewish New Yorkers too. Almost forgot about Indians. They shouldn “t be allowed to work in IT, which will immediately bring legions of kids to the Computer Science colleges.

Is this what you want? I don “t. So leave the mosque alone. Let them build it. Besides, the prices for the real estate in this area will sky rocket as soon as the construction is completed as this will become the safest area in the City. No one will even think of directing a hijacked plane there.


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