Noise canceling headphones is a great thing!

Last month I was picking noise canceling headphones. After reading reviews, I had to choose between Bose and Sennheimer. The I stopped by a demo center of Bose QC-15 at the local Best Buy and was sold.

I just had a 7-hour flight from New York to Europe. I didn ‘t want to take these QC-15 off. You can ‘t imagine how much airplane noise gets eliminated! If you are a frequent flier – get them. Forget about music. Just simple noise canceling makes you feel a lot better after any long flight. After wearing the headphones for four hours I take them off for a little bit to get back in the real world, and then back on.

The negative: as opposed to Sennheiser PXC-450, Bose QC-15 don ‘t have passive audio – if your single AAA battery dies or off, you can ‘t hear any music and the noise canceling is off.

I ‘m buying a second pair for my wife.


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