Why I like living in the USA

I “ve been born and raised in the Soviet Union, the country where limited supply of goods was distributed by the members of the ruling party to the rest of the population. The vast majority of the population was equally poor. They were waiting in lines for everything. These lines were stretched in time. For example, I “ve been waiting for a phone line for my apartment for 15 years. I was pretty close to the head of the line, but then I left that country and immigrated to the USA.

Getting closer to those who are in charge of distributing things was an ultimate goal of life in the Soviet Union. Those Americans who interact with the immigrants from that country probably noticed that most of them vote for republicans. They hate the very notion of distributing goods and services vs earning them. I also voted against Obama and all democratic candidates at all levels just because I hate distribution. I “m not a member of any political party, but I share the views of the right-wing people. I watch the Fox News channel.

Yesterday, I took my son for shoe shopping and we bought a pair from a company named TOMS. Their shoe box reads, “With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. rdquo; For some reason I liked this kind of distribution. The words “a child in need rdquo; are the key here. Not to a third-generation of the adults sucking on the welfare programs, but to a child in need.

Recently I went to Switzerland on business. I like being in Europe and vacation there every year. Switzerland is a very nice and well taken care off country. But when someone asked me if I wanted to live there, I said, “No rdquo;. The next question was, “Why? Why do you think that the USA is a better place for living than Switzerland? rdquo;

There “s a famous quote attributed to a sci-fi writer William Gibson: “The future is here. It ‘s just not evenly distributed yet “.

I like this phrase a lot and I believe that this phrase is an answer to the question of why I prefer living in the USA. I believe that this country is closer to the future than the rest of the world. I “d like to be a consumer of this not evenly distributed future to its fullest. Just to set the record straight, during my almost 20 years in the USA I “ve never used any welfare programs. I “ve been working and contributing to this society so other people could consume the results of my work too.

The USA has its issues, but it fits my life style the best. I “ll be gladly visiting the socialist “s Europe and enjoy their food, culture, and skiing for a short time. But I want to return home in the USA. I want to live in the country where the vast majority of the people contribute and only a small group of people depends on the distribution.

These TOMS shoes didn “t look too good to my taste, but my son liked them. He also liked the idea that one child in need will get the new pair of shoes now.


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