I Feel Bad

Yesterday, I made a trip to Manhattan on some family matters. While walking by the the Seaport in the lower Manhattan, I noticed a group of asian guys doing back massage to the tourists right on the street. I’m sure you saw these special chairs where you kinda sitting on your knees while they work on your back.  Before, I never trusted my precious body to unknown people unless they were licensed medical doctors or were working in SPA in luxury hotels.

But about a week I started feeling some pain in the lower back somewhere above the kidney. First, I thought it was a minor muscle  pain that should go away in a day or two. But it didn’t. Then I started to think that it might have been something more serios inside. So I decided to take my chances and give myself to the hand of this street masseuse who barely spoke any English. The deal was simple – $10 for 10 minutes or $20 for 20. I never saved on investing into myself and have chosen the more expensive version of this treatment.  My logic was simple – the chances that he’ll make my pain worse are slim. If the pain won’t go away, I’ll make an appointment with my family physician.

Twenty minutes later, the massage was over, I gave the guy $20 and left. Right after the massage it was not clear if it helped with my issue. But guess what, the day after I can confirm that the pain was gone! Now I feel bad. Why I didn’t tipped the guy?  It is bad. I’m not sure when I’m going to be there again – it’s about 50 miles from where I live. I can’t send a check to a guy that I saw on the street and don’t know anything about. That’s why I decided to write this blog.

If you happened to be in that area and need a massage, go for it. There are three men and a woman massaging people. Mine was a short guy wearing a blue shirt and earphones. The next time I’ll be tipping someone, I’ll double the tips too.

Sorry, man!


2 thoughts on “I Feel Bad

  1. I can’t imagine how that asians do a massage right on the street. Do you need to bare your back for a massage?

    Perhaps there is a misprint in the second paragraph – not mussel, but muscle

  2. The concept of massaging,akku pressure,Acupuncture were originated in Southern India and was developed by Siddha like Bogar in the year BC3000. These medicine concepts moved from india to various asian countries. You may not believe the above lines.
    Many indian villagers know how to relieve the pain in muscle and they charge $1 or $2 or nothing.
    However in indian cities you can find massage parlours for $20 per hour, and these parlours use “American way of business” to make good money.

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