96% Off

I just received this deal by email: 96% Off online forex trading course.

Not that I’m planning to take this course but it got me thinking.  There can be just two reasons for offering something at 4% of its price :

1. This thing was initially way overpriced and can be considered a scam. Do I want to deal with a scam company? No.

2. This thing was expensive to create, hence the list price was high, but people didn’t want to buy it. Now they want to get me on the hook offering it at a fraction of a cost to get me later on some hidden charges that I don’t know about. For example, after completing this course I will realize that unless I’ll purchase three more courses at full price the gained knowledge is pretty much useless.

The bottom line: don’t buy things just because they’re cheap. Buy them only if you really need them. There is not free lunch (still), and there is no such thing as a lunch that costs 4% of its real value either.


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