Damaged by SmartPhones

When I saw the sign that in case of fire you should leave the building before tweeting about it, I smiled. But this is sad. I’m pretty sure that at least in the New York City most of the people in case of fire will either tweet or text about it.

First leave than tweet

Slowly but surely the young generation is moving into a virtual world where posting a funny message and getting more followers is more important than saving yours or someone else’s life in the real world. People witnessing a street fight will first post pictures on Instagram, and then, maybe call 911. Who cares, everyone knows that when a person gets killed, you can start a new game and get more lives! Just click, sorry, touch the button.

In rare occasions when kids get together, their bodies are in the same room, but their minds are occupied with manipulating smartphones. Check out this post titled “The day Einstein feared the most have finally arrived”. This is today’s reality that will only get worse.

A couple of years ago I was invited to a birthday party of one lady. We were already sitting in a restaurant, when her daughter and teenager-grandson showed up in the restaurant. The kid was holding the phone with both hands while quickly typing. His mom was slightly pushing him toward our table so he wouldn’t hit any obstacles on along the way. He didn’t even raise his head, and sat on the chair continuing typing. I know this family for years, his grandmother was raising the kid, and they both love each other. Well, she loves him for real, and he loves her back… virtually.

I know an employer, who had a job applicant who would agree to work on one condition: no communications in person or over the phone – only text messaging. This boy was a nice kid, but please let me talk to you!

I have two sons. The elder lives separately, and my wife often complains that when she calls him on the phone she always get his voicemail. But I’m glad that his phone is somewhere in the bag and not in his hands. Honey, he’ll call back soon. I want my younger son to do the same – live in the real world where people talk to each other while looking at each other rather than into this high quality retina display talking to Siri.

May be the day will come when people will be able to live in two worlds at the same time as in a great novel 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Unfortunately less and less people remain in the real world. Kids, come back!


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