We offer Angular training and consulting

angular2Our company, Farata Systems, offers Angular consulting and training. Our next public online workshop starts on July 23, 2017. See details here.

We can run an Angular workshop live in your organization as a 3 or 4-day event.  See details here.

For training inquiries send a request at training @ faratasystems.com


3 thoughts on “We offer Angular training and consulting

  1. Hi Yakov,
    I recently had an opportunity to go through your book ‘Angular 2 Development with Typescript’ and wanted to thank you for authoring such an excellent book. I found the book to be covering all the important aspects of Angular 2 and providing the user with a quick start.

    However, one of the things that I found missing from the book was a chapter on state management especially Redux integration with Angular 2. Was this omitted on purpose? I would appreciate if you could provide an online addition on this topic. It would be a great help as you are quite good in explaining new technical concepts in a simple manner.


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