What to learn next?

If you are an active software developer, you keep asking yourself the same question: what language to learn next.

The next language to learn is Chinese. At least the Chinese government wants to teach you.

China is a king of the “99 Cents ” stores here in America. When my younger son saw a toy with a sign “Made in the USA ” he was sincerely surprised: “Daddy, I thought all toys are made in China “. Need a Rolex? Find the closest China town and you’ll get it for 10-20 dollars.

At the same time India is dreaming of becoming a number one high-tech country in the world. China wants a piece of this pie, but do they go in the right direction? While India is learning English, China wants me to learn Chinese…In general, I do not mind:this may bring some new business development, but if I can give one advice to Chinese government, it would be this: outsource to India development and support of the Web site that is teaching Chinese . The current version is dead slow.


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