Pace University does not know Pink Floyd

Pace University arranges meetings between the real world practitioners and computer science students. It ‘s my second talk at Pace, and this time I was talking about Java technical interviews.

I started with a story based on my article Another Brick in the Wall. To my disappointment, none of the students could answer which album was this song from. Is there something wrong with Pace, or I ‘m getting too old? Probably both. But this was the only negative moment of the evening.

After a short intro, I conducted a public demo-technical interview with a volunteer student from the audience. This brave guy gave me his resume, and I briefly went through it suggesting some improvements. A good resume is a key artifact in the job search, and its main goal is to get you an interview… After 15-minute interview I did a post-mortem analysis of mistakes of this “job applicant “. This was a successful and useful experiment. At the end, we ‘ve discussed with students some other Java interviewing techniques.

Pace professors have invited me to come back next Spring, which I ‘ll do with great pleasure.


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