The e-book: Enterprise Software Without the BS will be available soon

My e-book (PDF) “Enterprise Software Without the BS ” soon will be available for free download.

What “s this book about?

Several years ago I was thinking about buying a gas station in my local town. I went to my friend Gregory Zaltsberg, a successful businessman in this field, and asked him, “How do I start a gasoline business? ” He gave me simple but wise advice:

You know nothing about gasoline, but know a lot about computers.

Keep doing what you ‘re doing. Just do it a little better than others.

I followed his advice and remained in field of Information Technologies, or to be more specific, Enterprise IT. was always interested in observing human relations in the IT business:

Why some people are more successful than others.

In which ways are some people a little “better rdquo; than others?

Why people fail job interviews?

Will IT outsourcing hurt your career?

What “s a reasonable salary for a person with YOUR skills living in YOUR geographical area?

Are there underpaid or overpaid people?

How often should you change employers?

Do you even want to have an employer or would you rather work as an IT contractor?

Do you want your child to be a programmer?

How to publish your book?

Me coming to America.

What “s one of the main motivations of innovations in the corporate world?

Prior to this one, I “ve written technical books, which did not make me richer financially, but definitely served my IT career. I do not expect that the book you are about to read will be become New York Times bestseller (actually, I lie ndash; I do expect this otherwise why even bother?). This e-book gives you somewhat different perspective of the day to day life of enterprise software developers.

Since this is an electronic book and is not available in a printed edition, I have the luxury of updating it with new materials in the future. If you have an interesting story of how you became an IT person, please get in touch with me.

This e-book won “t give you the answers to all your career questions, but it summarizes my observations formed during my 25+ years of wearing different hats in the Enterprise IT. The odds are that you will not agree with some of my observations, or find some of them cynical or even insulting. But this is how I see things today, in 2008, in the greater New York metropolitan area.


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