Whats worse: Computer Science or Latin Literature?

We keep complaining that in American colleges enrollment in Computer Science colleges is on decline. At least we are complaining, but the College Board of U.S. Teachers is simply making the things worse. Just read this article in Washington Post.

Now, high school kids will be getting even less chances to enroll in the advanced placement Computer Science programs. American College Board has eliminated Computer Science AB program in schools, since it has low enrollment. Latin Literature, French Literature, and Italian are as unpopular as Computer Science.

And the College Board just finds the easy way out, “If kids do not want it, we “ll kill it “. Sure, it “s a lot easier than making it more appealing to students.

In the unlikely event if your elementary school kid will decide to pursue IT career in the future, you “ll have no other choice but sending him/her to Bangalore for studying Computer Science.

My congratulations to India that is clearly winning in the battle for becoming an IT world leader!

Can I have a beer, please?


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