Annoying people, etiquette and Web site useability

Yahoo email (the old one) quietly introduced the AJAX-based online chat. Why would I care? Because people who I ever sent an email started giving me these popups asking my permissions to add me to their online chat rooms. There ‘s no freaking way that I can get rid of these popups other than answering “Decline “. But this would be rude to the person who I know. Is there any way to suppress these popups without telling them “Leave me alone. If I need you, I ‘ll send you an email “.

Thanks to AJAX, it doesn ‘t refresh the entire page but rather takes 1/8 of my screen.

In the past I was annoyed by all these people who keep signing up with various social networking sites. It seems that they just import their entire contact list from Yahoo email and send the message to all of their contacts, “Mary Lou would like to add you as a friend on a SoShmo network. ” Yes, I know Mary, but I never knew that she ‘s so annoying.

Or Joe Shmo is updating his Plaxo contacts. Please refresh you contact info. Dear Joe, what makes you think that you decision to refresh your contacts should make me wanna do the same? Can ‘t you respect other people ‘s privacy? The fact that I sent you an email two years ago doesn ‘t mean that you should request me to keep your stinking contact book up to date. Take care of it on your own. Please…

Or let ‘s take LinkedIn. I created a group for Flex Experts there and clearly stated that only people who have Flex-related blogs will be admitted. People don ‘t give a shit. They feel that the fact that they know Flex is enough to be included in my group. Guys, why won ‘t you create your own group and accept anyone there? Why don ‘t respect my wish to have only people with blogs, a.k.a. giving back to the community? The only option LinkedIn gives me is Decline. I can ‘t just delete a hundred of requests without the need to get into conflicts with people.

Twitter. I have love/hate relations with Twitter. But there ‘s no way to leave. It ‘s like a Hotel California. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave…. “This service is temporarily is not available “. Lie. I know that Twitter is down more than any other social networking site because it was build on RoR. But having the unsubscribe feature permanently down is too bad even for RoR.

The next comes Admit. I made a mistake by subscribing to it. But how to get outta there? Do you have an idea? Am I sentenced to be there forever? These morons recently re-branded them as For some reason, it reminds me of Hitler ‘s book Mein Kampf.

Internet is annoying.


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