You are what you eat

If you ask me, “What ‘s the main achievement in my American life? “, I ‘ll answer, “I can afford to purchase food in supermarkets without worrying about the prices “. Today I bought a pack of hot dogs at Whole Foods supermarket, which is an upscale chain of food stores. The quality of products is better there, and the prices are higher too. Here ‘s the label on this pack, which I photographed with my new iPhone 4:

Now let ‘s read the announcements from the label:

1. All natural beef used

2. Gluten free

3. No nitrite or nitrate added

4. Beef used raised without antibiotics!

5. No artificial ingredients

6. Minimally processed

IMO, more than 90% of Americans can ‘t afford purchasing food in such supermarkets. They eat hot dogs with non-natural maximally processed beef with glutens, nitrites, nitrates, and those cows were given antibiotics.

If 90% of Americans wouldn ‘t be purchasing cars,houses, and wedding rings they can ‘t afford they could also purchase food at Whole Foods and wouldn ‘t be consuming glutens, nitrites, nitrates, and antibiotics prescribed for cows.But this would be bad for pharmaceutical companies who are ready to sell us expensive drugs that will cure our livers, kidneys, stomachs, and other useful organs damaged by glutens, nitrites, nitrates, and antibiotics prescribed by veterinarians.

Bon appetite!


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