JavaOne may be dead

Google pulls out all 17 their presentations from the upcoming JavaOne conference in San Francisco. Yes, it ‘s because of that law suit. This is what Reuters has to say about it.

Unless Oracle and Google will settle on their little issues, JavaOne may be dead. Or to say it properly, Java One will fork, bit it ‘ll never be an event that would gather 10-12 thousands of ENTHUSIASTIC Java developers under the same roof. I ‘m still going there and, on return, will share with you what kind of vibe/energy I ‘ve experienced, if any.

I know this guy who should consider this as an opportunity and create large conference, an alternative to JavaOne. He knows how to do it.

In general, this Oracle/Google dispute may turn into a birth of a new language created by Google, which will make java obsolete like COBOL.

Now there are 17 empty slots to be filled with substitute speakers. I ‘m wondering who ‘s going to be a substitute presenter for the annual Java Puzzlers by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter?


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