JavaScript for Java Developers at Devoxx 2012

Last week I made a presentation “JavaScript for Java Developers” at the conference Devoxx in Belgium. The presentation was well received. My special thanks to Peter Pilgrim who posted a nice feedback in his blog.

Now I’m getting requests for the slides of this presentation, and they are available for download. But I can offer you something better than these slides. We started writing a book for O’Reilly “Enterprise Web Development: From Desktop to Mobile”, and the current raw version (non-edited bits and pieces) of some of its texts is available for free at

We’ve created a Git repository for all book materials, and started pushing the new content there daily. After each push we run a script that generates the new HTML version for The Chapter 2 titled “Advanced Introduction to JavaScript” will be completed by the end of this week, and it covers all the materials presented at Devoxx, but in a more detailed fashion.

Your technical feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don’t suggest fixing missing commas – leave it to professional copy editors from O’Reilly. But if you want to praise or criticize the book materials from the technical point of view, feel free to send me emails directly at yakovfain at


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