New Java books and videos

The second edition of my Java tutorial went on sale.
While this is not my first book, it’s special, because it’s a second edition. When you see a second edition of any book, it means that the first one was successful (i.e. was profitable for the publisher). I don’t remember the exact figures, but I made around $40K in the form of royalties for the first edition.

In the second edition I’ve re-written a half of the book from scratch. The release of Java 8 was THE major release of this 20 year-old super popular programming language, and I had to cover the new syntax and APIs of the language.

I’ve replaced the chapters covering Swing with showing a modern way of developing GUI with JavaFX 8. The chapters about Spring, Hibernate, and JSF are out. The chapters about WebSockets and Logging and Gradle are in.

This book comes with more than 7 hours of professional-grade video screencasts produced by Chad Darby. You can watch several of these videos here.

My special thanks to the technical editors Martijn Verberg and Rajesuwer Singaravelu for providing valuable input about the book content.

Finally, I’d like to thank Wiley editors for their professionalism, and O’Reilly Media that provided a great publishing platform Atlas, which spared me from using MS Word.

In parallel, I was writing a book “Java For Kids”, and the drafts of this book are available at this Web site. At this point I have no official publisher for this book, and the content is available for free (subject to change). I also plan to create a training manual based on this book and start running workshops teaching kids Java programming. These manuals will be available for free for anyone who wants to teach Java.

I hope you’ll enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed writing these books!


14 thoughts on “New Java books and videos

  1. Will it be allowed to teach at using the manuals that you will create for your “Java for Kids” book? I would be interested in doing that.

      1. I’m very happy to find your easy-learning book on Java.

        I would like to use this book for translating into Japanese.
        It is like this.
        If I have any problems on the Creative Commons license, please tell me the way I could use your book.

        1. Hi Araki,

          Yes, the online version of the book “Java Programming for Kids” is published under Creative Commons license. Currently I’m doing some grammar corrections, which will be completed by mid May.

          When the translation is ready, please send me a link to the Japanese version of my book so I could add a link to your site here:

  2. Just bought your new book-Java Programming 2ed. Looks great, The(pxxxii) link to the code download goes to the first edition. Do you have a correct web address for the code?

  3. Hello, Jacob!

    I’m reading your new book. Where could I place found mistakes and my comments on it?

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