Stolen Web Content

Over the years I wrote and published a bunch of free online lessons on Java programming . Most of them were republished with my permission by Java Developers Journal. Many of these lessons were videotaped by Sys-Con Media and are available for free at Sys-Con TV .

Yesterday someone sent me a link to the site , which basically used all my lessons without any permissions or references. A simple search at shows that this domain is registered in Bangalore, India.

Since I was not selling these lessons, I’m not losing any money, but I’m wondering if there are any international laws that are applicable in such cases? On the other hand, it would be cheaper to purchase this site than take the owner to court, if any. The last line on the stolen page states: Note: To BUY this domain ( ) with entire content, email . The Approximate Price: Rs. 5000, which is about $120 USD.

I wonder if I can negotiate some discount as the author of the most of the content? :)) Someone compared this with taking a hostage and asking for a ransom.

The only problem is that even if I buy this entire site, it “ll appear again next day under a different name. I wonder if this is a common practice in India, and if there is there a practical way to make Mr. Hemanth Balaji remove the stolen content?


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