Two great PDF creators

I like reading stuff in the pdf format. But it “s even better if you can easily create pdf files. By easily I mean a button click. Literally.Since I have Adobe Acrobat, my Microsoft Work and PowerPoint just have an extra menu to create it. But it “s kinda boring. Let me share with you a couple of better ways.

1. Last year I purchased a USB device from Fujitsu called ScanSnap S510. It “s one of the coolest widgets I have. Just put any sheet of paper, single or double sided, a photo, color or black and white. Press a large green button, and select a directory where to save your pdf file.

2. Last week I got to know an Internet service that allows to converts most of the files and Web site into a pdf file. Just go to PDF Converter ‘s site and select a file or a Web site, and in several seconds you “ll get it as a PDF. This is a software as service deal. If you do not want to pay for it, you “ll have a very modest limitation ndash; one conversion per 30 minutes. But if you are an established person or business, pay several bucks a month an do as many conversions as you like. An interesting thing that I noticed is that this software produces smaller pdf files than Adobe “s original converter. It can convert into pdf lots and lots of file formats (yes it knows how to work with your Excel spreadsheets too).

I have only minor complain – if a Web page has Flash Player parts, you “ll see empty rectangles there. But creators of the PDF converter ensured me that SWF conversion will be complete too in a months or so. But overall, this is a really handy tool.

Needless to say that PDF docs look a lot more professionally than essays written in MS Word or Notepad.

How do you present your documents? Do you think they look OK without converting them to PDF? Big mistake.Huge.


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