Starting twitting…gently

I know a guy who does not like me. I ‘m sure there are lots of such people, but this one is vocal about it. He told me once over the glass of beer that my blogs are useless. He said, “Instead of doing some serious research of a particular subject, you just write whatever comes to your mind about what you see at the moment “. To make his statement more solid, he added, “You are like akyns who just sing songs about whatever they see in front of them at this very moment. ”

To some extent, he ‘s right. In my personal blog I just quickly type when a seldom though comes to my mind. BTW, let me tell you a joke (see, I was not planning to write this joke 10 seconds ago, but now I do ’cause it seems relevant in this context). OK, here ‘s the joke:

One woman ‘s thought somehow got into a man ‘s head. She could not find any thoughts there. Finally she found one in the far end of man ‘s brain. She asked, “Where ‘s everyone? “. And the only thought answered, “All ours are downstairs “.

A couple of years ago, someone has invented – a site that allows you to write a very short statement about what are you doing at this moment. You are allowed to type up to 140 charaters as an answer to “What are you doing? ” question. On twitter you can follow other people and other people can follow you.

For a while, I did not pay attention to Twitter, but then I realized, that I have too many random thoughts in my head (hmmm, does it mean that nobody ‘s downstairs? ” and can ‘t possibly write a blog elaborating on each of them.

I wonder if Twitter can fit the bill? I do not know, but will try.

Hence I ‘ll see if twitting won ‘t be boring for me, and I ‘ve also added a widget on the right side of this blog – sort of near-real-time updates.

If you are interested, follow me on twitter.


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